How To Calculate National Income By Income Method With Formulas ,Diagrams and Examples| Economics Class 12th

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The national income by income method is calculated under 3 heads or steps : Step 1:- Identification and classification of producing enterprises who employ factors of production. In India, the producing sector is identified and classified into three – a) Primary Sector b) Secondary Sector c) Tertiary Sector Step 2:- Classification of domestic factor income […]

Kartik Aaryan Family, Girlfriends, Sara Ali Khan, Love Aaj Kal, Narendra modi tweet, Dimple Sharma, unknown facts

Kartik Aaryan Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriends, Career, Family , Wiki| Some Unknown Facts About Kartik Aaryan

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Kartik Aaryan is a famous Bollywood young leading actor. He has done tremendous work in his acting field. He has made his debut in Pyaar Ka Punchanama movie in 2011 which took him into the greater heights. His dialogues in this movie have increased his fan following. He has a big female fan following for […]

aunt jennifer tiger summary, class 12th ncert poem, adrienne rich, flamingo

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Poem Summary| Class 12th NCERT English

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Summary Aunt Jennifer is shown doing needlework, a traditional activity for women of her times. She is embroidering Tigers on a Panel. The Tigers represent the freedom she expires for, from the confines of conservative norms and tradition imposed by society. Tigers are bold, bright, yellow coloured, inhabitants of the green forests. They are unafraid of […]

Circular Flow Of Income , Simple Language, Complete Understanding, Economics

Circular Flow Of Income and its principles| Two- Sector Economy and Three Sector Economy| Economics 12th class

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Before You know what is 2 sector and 3 sectors economy and how income flows on these sectors, let me give you a brief about what is the circular flow of Income? The flow of production, income & expenditure is a circular flow. The production gives rise to income, income gives rise to a demand […]

List Of Top 5 Bloggers In India & Their Monthly Income 2019

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Today, through this blog, I am going to tell you all about the top bloggers of India who makes millions of money through this profession.  This blog of mine will motivate you if you want to become a professional blogger.  Although there is a number of bloggers in the whole world, I will tell you […]

Real Story Of Akshay Kumar Kesari Movie 2019| Battle Of Saragarhi Against Afghans

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Hello friends, Recently you must have seen the blockbuster trailer of Kesari movie, casting Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra. Its already mentioned in the trailer that this movie is a real story. People seem to be very excited after seeing this trailer. They eagerly waiting to know that what happened in history and how 21  […]

List Of Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World| Most Intelligent Pet Dogs

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Dogs are the most common pets, as we all know. Some keep them for passion and some for protection. But they are the most loyal and faithful by nature. Do you know that there are many dangerous dogs as well? which are very hard to domesticate and train. Let’s know about them: 1. Caucasian Shepherd This […]

Statue Of Unity, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Iron Man Of India

Facts About Statue Of Unity | Group Discussion Topic 2018

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Statue of Unity (the tallest statue in the world) is basically build to dedicate the Nation by our prime minister Narendra Modi. This statue of Unity is for the first time communicated by Shri Narendra Modi on 31st Oct 2018. This 182 metre’(597 ft) statue of Unity portrays the iconic figure of Sardar Vallabh Bhai […]

Top 5 Greatest Hindu Rulers Of India| 5 Greatest Kings In Indian History

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We will tell you about 5 great Hindu Rulers of India, whose rule has affected the people of India. In the book of our school also, there is no such description given for these great Rulers. Only the Mughals and the British have been told in those books. Let’s find out below the history of […]

one word substitution, Competition exams , SSC CGL, CHSL

List Of One Word Denoting Places | One Word Substitution For Competition Exams

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Substitutes may be referred to as single words that are used in lieu of a group or bunch of words. These words are basically used to shorten the sentences or to make it brief. Below is the list of Substitutes that is donating places.