List Of One Word Denoting Places | One Word Substitution For Competition Exams

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Substitutes may be referred to as single words that are used in lieu of a group or bunch of words. These words are basically used to shorten the sentences or to make it brief. Below is the list of Substitutes that is donating places.

one word substitution

Common WordGroup of words
Abattoira place where animals are killed for marketing
Apiarya place where bees are kept
Aquariuma tank for fishes
Arenaa place for wrestling
Arsenala place for weapons
Asyluma place for lunatics
Aviarya place where birds are kept
Archivesa place where government records are kept
Burrowthe dwelling place of an animal underground
Cachea place where ammunition is hidden
Cagea place for birds
Casinoa place for gambling
Cemeterya graveyard where the dead are buried
Cloakrooma place for luggage at railway station
Conventa residence for nuns
Crechea nursery where children of working parent are taken care of
Crematoriuma cremation ground where the last funeral rites are performed
Decanteran ornamental glass bottle for holding wine or other alcohol drinks
Dormitorythe sleeping rooms in a college or public institution
Dreya squirrel's home
Elysiuma paradise with perfect bliss
Gymnasiuma place where athletic exercises are performed
Granarya place for storing grain
Hangara place for housing aeroplanes
Hivea place for bees
Hutcha wooden box with a front of wire for rabbits
Infirmarya home for old persons
Kennela house of shelter for a dog
Lair/ Denthe resting place of a wild animal
Minta place where money is coined
Menageriea place for wild animals and birds ( sanctuary)
Monasterya residence for monks or priests
Morguea place where dead bodies are kept for identification
Mortuaryplace where postmortem happens
Orcharda place where fruit trees are grown
Orphanagea place where orphans are housed
Pantrya place for provisions etc in the house.
Portfolioa portable case for holding papers, drawing etc
Reservoira place where water is collected and stored
Wardrobea place for clothes

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