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Dogs are the most common pets, as we all know. Some keep them for passion and some for protection. But they are the most loyal and faithful by nature.
Do you know that there are many dangerous dogs as well? which are very hard to domesticate and train. Let’s know about them:

1. Caucasian Shepherd

This dog is known by many names like Caucasian Ovcharkax , Kaukasische Schaferhund and Caucasian sheepdog. This dog is one of the ancient molasses breeds. They belong to the Caucasus mountain region from the last 2000 years.
They are massive in size, weigh around 200 pounds. Basically, they are majorly known due to their power and confidence. They are not highly energetic but their massive size makes them strong and demands space, due to which they are not well suited for the apartments flats. They are so stubborn and aggressive, that they need an experienced trainer who can handle them with so much patience. although they don’t bark more like many other dogs do but they will get alert to any danger and their bark is quite loud and fearful.

Caucasian Shepherd dog

2. Pitbull

In America, they are majorly known for human attacks. This dog has been named pitbull because they were used as the fighters on the pits. They are best used as watchdogs and hunters. But they are difficult to keep as pets. Because of Pitbull, 257 people have died in America which is far more than any other breed. Their height is 50 cm and weight is 30 kgs. If we compare to some other breeds, their height and weight are less, but it doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous. In America, they are prohibited to keep as pets as well as they are banned in many other countries like the UK. Insipte of being dangerous, they can be very loyal and lovable if we train them well.

pitbull dog

3. Japanese Tosa

These dogs have been used in blood games for many years in Japan. That Is Why they are very difficult to domesticate. This dog is one of the massive breed and famous for fighting. The sound of their bark is very loud and fearful. These dogs have been banned in the UK and Ireland. Even if you are keeping them in other countries, you have to be very cautious. They can eat many kilos of flesh in a single day that’s why their living can highly cost you. Their height is 82 cm and weighs 60 kgs.

japanese tosa

4. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is far more dangerous than he looks in the photos. It is said that this breed has the most strong teeth and body in all the dog breeds. Once they hold something by their teeth, they don’t leave that so easily. Because of Rottweiler, 47 people have died in the US. Still, there is no fall in the number of shepherds or owners who have them. They become very aggressive when they are not taken care off by their owners. Their height is 70 cm and weight is up to 60 kgs.

Rottweiler dog

5. Doberman 

You are responsible for own safety if you are around Doberman as they are most loyal to their owners and can also attack someone if their employer is in danger. They are used as guard dogs in many places because of their loyalty and faithfulness. They are quite muscular and agile from the body. They have a height of 70 cm but low weight and because of their low weight, they can run fast. These dogs have been banned in many countries.


6. Dogo Argentino 

One of the dangerous dog breeds in the world. They were used as hunters in ancient times and also in fighting games. It is very difficult to pet them because of their dangerous nature. They are so strong that alone they can hunt wild pigs. In fact, these dogs were used to hunt them earlier. Their height is 70 cm and weight is 45 kgs.

Dogo Argentino

7. Great Dane

They are the largest breed in the world and its huge and massive body makes them powerful.
Their height is up to 85 cms and weight is up to 90 kgs. By the way, they are not that much aggressive in nature like the other breeds but they can attack soon when danger appears. Their training is also not that difficult and they can easily be domesticated. They are very costly as they are usually found in some European countries.

Great Dane

8. Boxer 

They are majorly used as guard dogs. They are very faithful and loyal to their employers. Their height is 60 cm and weight is up to 30 kgs. These dogs need to get exercised for at least an hour every day, Else they get weak. They are asked to keep away from children because they are very aggressive by nature and in anger he doesn’t think twice to attack.

boxer dog


9. German Shepherd  

They are most loyal to their masters. But if they are threatened by someone, they do not think twice to attack him. These are majorly seen in every corner of the world. But if you do not take care of them with love then they can be very aggressive. Their height is 65 cm and weight is up to 40 kgs.

German Shepherd dog

10. Wolf Hybrid

These dogs resemble wolves. These breeds are crossed with wolf breeds, hence they have many characteristics of wolves. Usually, they are found in Germany and European countries. They are very aggressive by nature. By the way, they can be trained, But it is very difficult and could be risky as well. They need to get exercised for at least one hour every day.Wolf Hybrid

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