Real Story Of Akshay Kumar Kesari Movie 2019| Battle Of Saragarhi Against Afghans

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Recently you must have seen the blockbuster trailer of Kesari movie, casting Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra. Its already mentioned in the trailer that this movie is a real story. People seem to be very excited after seeing this trailer. They eagerly waiting to know that what happened in history and how 21  Sikh soldiers have enthusiastically fought against the Afghans. In the movie, Akshay Kumar is playing the role of Havildar Ishar Singh. Lesser known, This story has also been previously told in the Netflix series 21 Sarfarosh: Saragarhi 1897 Today we are going to deliver the real story of Saragarhi.

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Battle Of Saragarhi

The battle of Saragarhi was fought on  12th of September, 1897 between  Sikh soldiers of the British Indian Army and afghans. It was fought in Pakistan which was then a part of India. In this battle, Our Only 21 Indian Sikhs have fought against the huge number of afghans i.e 10000. The Battle was lead by Ishar Singh with the move to fight till their last breath.

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Why Did It Happen?

There were two forts – Fort Gulistan and Fort Lockhart in Afghanistan under the control of the British. It was said that Afghans wanted their control on these forts. These two forts communicate with the help of mirrors to flash coded messages. But the Distance between these two was quite big So Saragarhi was established as signalling station. The responsibility of this station was given to the 36th Sikh Regiment from which 21 Soldiers were guarded there.

Battle of Saragarhi

21 Sep 1897

In the morning of 21st Sep, 10000 Afghans invaders attacked the Saragarhi post. Everyone was in shock to see the huge number of opposers. For Protecting Saragarhi, Sepoy Gurmukh Singh flashes the message to the two forts that “need reinforcements”. Unable to send sudden protection, comes the response.

After hearing this response, Ishar Singh decided to fight and not to leave saragarhi till their last breath.   Then they take aim with their single loaded riffles on the top of the Saragarhi post (chowki ). As Soon As the Afghans started firing, the Sikh warriors also start. Saragarhi again asks the British for help, but none arrives. Soon Afghans entered the post, due to the fall of one wall of it. Then it turned to the biggest battle.

Soon 20 of 21 have died.   The Courageous and brave Gurumukh Singh killed Afghans one after the other. He himself has killed nearly 20 of them. He Uttered “Jo Bole So Nihaal Sat Sri Akaal” till his last breath.

Battle of saragarhi

In this battle of Saragarhi, our 21 Sikh of the 36th Sikh regiment have killed approx. 600 afghans. Unfortunately, In this battle, we lost our all  21 warriors but they all have fought them throughout the day, due to which Fort Lockhart and Fort Gulistan got enough time to prepare and on the night of 13th Sep, the army has been sent for the protection of the two forts. And within two days, Again Saragarhi came under the control of the British Indian Army.


The movie Kesari depicting the story of the battle of Saragarhi. It is set to release on 21st March, Holi. Go and Must watch.


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