List Of Top 5 Bloggers In India & Their Monthly Income 2019

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Today, through this blog, I am going to tell you all about the top bloggers of India who makes millions of money through this profession. 

This blog of mine will motivate you if you want to become a professional blogger.  Although there is a number of bloggers in the whole world, I will tell you the earnings of the top 5 bloggers of India on the basis of some research through the internet. So here is the list :

1. Amit Agarwal (…)

Amit Agarwal is no. one blogger in India. The name of his website in…. He earns Rs 40,00,000 lakhs per month, means more than $60000 per month from his websites. He is IIT pass out with computer science. He started his career in blogging in 2004 when nobody knows about blogging. From that time he was doing blogging with consistency, he writes in his blogs that how to start, how to find, how to etc, like most we search in google from how word to find the things. He focused on that so it makes easier for the readers to find the correct content.

amit agarwal

2. Harsh Agarwal(…)

Harsh Agarwal is no. 2 blogger in India.  His website name is….  his monthly income is Rs 34,00,000 means more than $52000 per month. If we figure out the ranking of his website, his website comes in ranking in India at Rank 1160, and Global Rank 8560. Shoutmeloud .com is the best place for all the INDIANS if you want to be a blogger.  He is an inspiration for all the blogger who is starting their career in blogging. His website is very helpful for the blogger, like how to make a website, what we need to use in a website, what plugins need to use. He provides all the tips about blogging through his website…

harsh agarwal

3. Imran Uddin (…)

He lives in Hyderabad. Imran Uddin started writing,  when he was in the 2nd year in engineering, for his extra income. His first income through blogging is only RS 300, but now if we check his monthly income which is $10000, means Rs 7 lakhs per month from his website.  His website rank in INDIA at number 5000, and at 59000 at global ranking.

imran uddin

4. Shivya Nath (…)

Shivya  Nath is a lady blogger, her website name is…, her website is a number 4 all over India. Earlier she was salaried but she quit her job for the blogging, she loves travelling, she is a travel blogger, she writes about travelling. Her monthly income is a minimum of Rs. 2 lakhs. Anywhere she travels,  she writes about that place-like where to stay, which hotel is good, where to eat, which is a good place to travel. Her website Rank in India at number 35000 and 366000 in the global figure.

shivya nath

5. Srinivas Tamada (…)

Srinivas is the top 5th blogger in INDIA. He is a US-based web architect. Along with his job, he started writing blogs. The concept of his blogging is easy to understand for everyone. He writes complex concern in a simple way.  He starts to write blogging in 2009. He earns Rs 2.5 lakh ($3500) per month from his website. He is in this field for 10 years. His website rank 14000 in INDIA and  119000 in the global ranking.

Srinivas Tamada



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