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Real Story Of Akshay Kumar Kesari Movie 2019| Battle Of Saragarhi Against Afghans

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Hello friends, Recently you must have seen the blockbuster trailer of Kesari movie, casting Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra. Its already mentioned in the trailer that this movie is a real story. People seem to be very excited after seeing this trailer. They eagerly waiting to know that what happened in history and how 21  […]

Top 5 Greatest Hindu Rulers Of India| 5 Greatest Kings In Indian History

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We will tell you about 5 great Hindu Rulers of India, whose rule has affected the people of India. In the book of our school also, there is no such description given for these great Rulers. Only the Mughals and the British have been told in those books. Let’s find out below the history of […]

Indian Dance

Top 15 Famous Dance Forms Showing Indian Culture.

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Dance forms of India consist of numerous styles of dances which are classified as folks dance and classical dance. Each dance has its origin in a different location and has been developed according to its local culture and traditions. Bihu Dance (Assam)  Bihu dance is a joyous dance accomplished through both young men and women, […]